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Time Tracking for Employees: Exempt vs. Nonexempt

 Small-business owners should be aware that we now have certain situations that want time tracking for employees, even when staff are paid salaries. By having a company understanding on current administration standards and proposed guidelines, small-business owners can better determine their time-tracking needs as it pertains to exempt and nonexempt workers.

Timely data for billable and non-billable activities really helps to ensure:

  • Timely payroll processing
  • Labor regulation compliance
  • Enforcement of attendance and time-off policies

Evenly important is choosing a competent attendance time tracking for employees that’s not time-consuming and cumbersome for employees. In any other case, data becomes unreliable for labor files, reporting and other jobs that depend on accuracy.

The key is reviewing what’s on the market and deciding on the best solution

Exempt vs. Nonexempt

Before creating a time tracking for employees plan, small-business owners must have a basic understanding of the difference between an exempt and nonexempt employment status as described under the Rational Labor Standards Action (FLSA). Nonexempt employees are usually hourly employees who meet certain requirements set forth by the FLSA. However, there are a few salaried personnel who are nonexempt, too. As the Department of Labor clarifies, nonexempt employees are categorized as salaried staff who earn significantly less than $455 per week or $23,660 per 12 months.

On the other hand, employees who perform exempt job duties and are paid out at no less than $455 weekly and paid on a salary basis are classified as exempt. Visit this site

Overtime Matters

It is important to consider that overtime situations might occur for both exempt and nonexempt employees. Therefore, checking time remains an important business function, regardless of employment status.

For example, under the FLSA, when a nonexempt employee works more than 40 time per week, the employer must pay workers “for a price no less than time and one-half their regular rates of pay,” according to the U.S. Division of Labor. Specific states have their own overtime requirements that may necessitate more generous settlement. Timekeeping is vital because small-business owners can face compliance fines and fines if overtime is not tracked or paid correctly for their hourly employees.

On the other hand, small-business owners could find that time tracking for employees is not always necessary, specifically for salaried, exempt employees, since their pay is normally straightforward and determined by their salary. However, the business enterprise and Technology Rules Group talks about that employers may choose to provide additional compensation to employees who work beyond what the company dictates to be always a normal workweek. In this case, time traffic monitoring may be necessary, even for exempt employees.

Proposed Overtime Changes

Despite current FLSA criteria, it’s important to note that the Office of Labor just lately proposed a guideline that would increase salary level requirements for white-collar and highly paid out employees and extend overtime pay protections. That is something small-business owners should retain in head when planning time-tracking initiatives, since it could affect a greater number of employees.

Staying informed of government regulations will help you will better understand when it is necessary to keep time tracking for employees and and pay them relating to federal government and state wage and hour laws. This can help mitigate hazards to your business, but it may also help foster better decision-making that can positively have an effect on your workforce management down the road.

The Implementation of Timesheet Calculator in Modern Day Working Environment

Time Sheet is a tool that allows an individual to note the number of hours worked on a particular project or task on a daily basis. This can be used for personal reasons, to find out how much time a particular project takes you, or it can be used to calculate total time spent on project for billing purposes. In the modern day environment, work payment is shifting from monthly salary to time put. Most companies are looking for freelancers who would complete work in desired time limit with the client having to pay for only the hours put on the job, rather than the whole day’s work. To make calculations easier and time effective, timecard calculators are now being widely used.

Time sheet gives the individual a list of all projects that they are doing, along with deadlines, and number of hours worked so far.

An employee schedule software would allow them to sub categorize these project into tasks, to evaluate which have been completed in what time, and which still need to be done.

The use of Time clock remove extra time taken to note down exact time start and ending. The clock can be clicked and work started, at the end of work clicking stop would give the person the exact time they spend on the project. It also gives notification and reminders, in case a person forgets that they turned it on, to help calculate exact time spent.

A Time sheet calculator would calculate the total time the person took on a project. It would calculate sum immediately without having to punch numbers in a calculator.

Different formats of Time Sheets and time sheet calculators are available online. Some are free while some have a cost. The ones with price involve a time tracking software as well, to increase flexibility and accuracy.

Depending on the type of business an individual is in, and the type of work performed, the person can format the Time sheet calculator to their specific needs.

These sheets can be shown to employer or clients as proof that the project was completed with the set number of hours and can reduce chances of dispute over payment. Click here to read more info about time clock.
Timesheet Calculator
Clients will then pay based on the total number of hours that an individual spend on the project. Time clock and Time sheet will show the client that they are not paying extra for the work wanted. Some software even have snapshots which take a picture every couple of hours of screen. These shots can then be sent to the client to show that work was being done at the time mentioned in the time sheet.

For individuals not wanting to download or spend money on time calculators, these can be found free online. After manually putting in time spend on tasks, it can give total hours of work done in a day, every day. It deduces time for break and calculates total time spent on project.

The Basics of an Online Ph.D. Degrees

You may wonder if you really can obtain online Ph.D. degrees. Well, you can get a Ph.D. online, and there are degrees in almost every field, available through online programs. Popular fields like business, education and psychology all have the option to get online Ph.D. degrees. Read more at

The Popularity of Online Education

Many people are starting to turn to online education because of its many advantages over traditional education programs. Online education is flexible, less expensive, and easier to fit into a busy lifestyle. When a person wants to get a degree, even a Ph.D., but can’t possibly see how they will have the time to drive to a college and attend classes, online education can be the solution.

Things to Keep in Mind

One thing people often think when they hear about online education is that it will be easier than going to a traditional college. The reality is that the course work is pretty much the same. A Ph.D. will be demanding whether you are getting it online or in a traditional setting. Click here to read more info about online education.The Basics of an Online Ph.D. Degrees

You will still need to spend hours each week studying and attending lectures. You will still have plenty of work to do and will have to put forth a focused effort to get your classes completed.

In fact, getting online Ph.D. degrees may be even more challenging for someone who is used to traditional programs. Online education demands that you are good at managing your time, staying organized and requires you to be very dedicated.

You are not attending classes with other people. In most cases, nobody is going to know even if you listened to the lecture or not. You are held accountable for ensuring that you take advantage of all the materials provided to you and that you are attending classes regularly.

Finding a School

Not all online schools are the same. It is important that you do research to find a good school. Each school will have their way of doing things. They will have different classroom setups and different time schedules for how long classes last and how many classes you have to attend.

When you are looking for a school, make sure that you completely check it out. Ask questions about how things work and make sure that you completely understand the online education process before you apply.

You should also check out the school. All online Ph.D. degree programs must be properly accredited. You should check this out with the US Department of Education. If you attend a school that is not properly accredited, then your degree may end up being useless. You do not want to spend all that time on a degree, which is not going to help you in the end, so you must thoroughly check out the school’s accreditation.

Online Ph.D. degrees are an amazing opportunity. If you have always dreamed of getting your Ph.D., but you never knew how you would fit school into your busy schedule, then an online Ph.D. degree program may just be the solution that lets you get the education you need to advance in your career.

Get Your Education Ph.D. Online

A Ph.D. is a very elite degree. When you have an education Ph.D., you will find that your job offers are bigger and better and that you automatically gain a lot of respect from your peers within the field of education. A Ph.D. is the highest degree that you can earn, and it takes a lot of dedication and hard work to obtain. One option you have is to get your education Ph.D. online. Click here to read more info about Ph.D Online.

Why Online?

Getting your education Ph.D. online is a great choice if you cannot find a program in your area. Online options are available to everyone who has access to the internet. You can easily use any computer that is linked to the internet to access your classes and your degree program.

Another perk of getting an education Ph.D. online is that you are allowed to do the work at your pace when you have time to spend on it. While you will likely be given a general timeline to follow for completing required work, you will not have to attend scheduled classes or drive to any facility. Read more at

Important Consideration

Since a Ph.D. is a very prestigious degree, it is also a very regulated degree. Any Ph.D. program must meet strict standards.The college must be accredited. Both the college and accreditation program must be approved by the US Department of Education. This is very important to check out before you begin your program. If there is no proper accreditation, then your degree could end up being worthless.

Getting your Ph.D. Online

Many people are led to believe that getting an education Ph.D. online is easy. This is not true. While it may be easier to get to class and work for school around your work and life, the actual program is just as much work as it would be offline. A Ph.D. is a very extensive program whether you take classes online or offline.

Get Your Education Ph.D. Online

The truth is that getting your education Ph.D. online may more difficult since you have to be more responsible for ensuring you are meeting deadlines and doing what is required of you. You do not have a teacher right there with you to push you to get work finished.

You have to be responsible and dedicated to the process to successfully earn an education Ph.D. online. You have to take extra steps to make sure that you obtain help when you need it and that you are grasping what you are being taught. School online is much different than the traditional learning environment and not everyone will be able to adapt to this learning style.

It is very important before you make your final decision about getting your education Ph.D. online that you completely check out the school and program. Make sure that you understand what your online classes will be like and what will be expected of you. You want to be sure that online education will work for you.

Your education Ph.D. will be a major accomplishment. It will allow you to secure much higher paying positions and probably allow you to obtain jobs, which you could only dream about before.

Creating a Work Box System for Homeschooling

Work Box System is a friendly way for children to get their education at home organized. According to the website Quick Start Homeschooling, the term “job box” was coined and developed by the consulting homeschool Sue Patrick. Working boxes are exactly what the name suggests: drawers total, tubs or boxes of children extraction can be used to track everyday tasks of education in weekly and monthly home. Create your set of picture work to meet the unique needs of your family homeschooling.

Plan your day homeschool working with boxes

Working boxes give parents homeschooling occupied a tool they can use to organize your school day. Using a system of numbers, pictures or colors help children see what they have to do in each subject to complete the work for that day.

Workbox system

Fill each topic box or box numbered day tasks, instructions, spreadsheets and other manual learning objects. Children take one frame at a time, do what is inside the box and return home. Consider using magnets, clips, sticky notes or clips attached to the boxes to remind children that the boxes have been completed. Read more at Creating a Work Box System for homeschooling

Boxes of work for long-term projects

Configure your system work box to include a place for ongoing projects or long term. Use this special box as a place for reading records, notes science projects, drafting and reporting tasks field trip. Have your child check box long-term project once a day to maintain steady progress. A calendar in the box long-term project with completion dates for their children always know how long you have to complete the assigned work.

Organizations working Box Ideas

Working box systems are designed with children in mind, so arranging them in kid-friendly shapes is important. Determine what subjects your child is doing well in before lunch and what issues are best left to after lunch or after playtime and organize their cases accordingly.

If the attention span of your child is in the morning, consider scheduling the first math and saving silent reading or writing time for the afternoon. Number your boxes from top to bottom or left to right, depending on your unique environment, so that children know what to do first, second, and so on. Homeschooling allows the flexibility to meet the unique needs of your child. Organize your pictures work the same way.

Make your only job Boxes

Add a little creativity to your work table system to allow their children to decorate boxes way that is meaningful to them. Boxes help children work with independence and encourage them to take ownership of their learning day. Let decorate boxes, crates or boxes so that they are a fun and meaningful help to see learning as enjoyable.

Why use Timesheet to Track your employees performances?

Time sheet is an employee time tracking tool which records time put into a particular project. Evaluating employee performance is an essential part of an organisation. Employees want to be paid with monetary and non-monetary benefits in response to the hard work and effort they put in their job. How can a company give the employees benefits based on their performance if they have inaccurate records of employee performance. With individual performance reviews there is a likely chance of bias occurring. Employee time tracker software would have the exact amount of work an employee put in corresponding projects and allows for better evaluation of performance and bonus incentives. Timesheets are a valuable resource to track performance for the following reasons.

It allows employee to log in the time they performed on specific tasks. It gives both parties the exact amount of billable hours so that the employee can be paid for the time they spent.Timesheets allow employers to keep track on the tasks and projects the different employees are working on. Why use Timesheet to Track your employees performances?This helps in weeding out low performers who are either taking too long with simple tasks, or those who are not putting in the appropriate time.

It would also help in quickly assessing new hires. Where before it would take weeks and months to evaluate the suitability of a new hire, Timesheets would cut that to a few days; giving you exact work done and would help you in keeping hires who would be able to cope with the pace of your business.

For employers wanting to try out a new software and not willing to pay can use free time sheets, to evaluate their time saving capacity.

They also help to automatically create payrolls at the end of the business time period based on the time spent by each employee, as noted in the timesheet.

Employee tracking software would keep employees active and aware of their time. It would reduce distractions because they would be aware of their time being recorded and their benefits being based around their performance. Click here to read more info about employee tracking software.

Timesheet would give employee means of self-evaluation. They will be able to see how effective they have been in a time period and would try to improve by cutting down on time spent on extra work to focus on the crux of the work. This self-evaluation and analysis can lead to an increase in performance, which would not have been accurately tracked any other way but by using Employee tracking software and timesheets.

Using Time Clock and timesheet each employees work would be recorded. The employer would give the rewards based on performance. Due to each individual having a set tracker, no individual would be able to pass their work to other employees and still expect to get paid for it. No employee would be able to ask another to punch in their attendance because the system would require secure password, not accessible by anyone else.

Track Time Accurately by Online Timesheet Software

People have been tracking time and where it is utilized since the industrial revolution; to maximize efficiency by having more output with little input. The trouble people had then and even now is in tracking time accurately. Most people when asked to fill in a time sheet will not remember the actual time they spend on the specific tasks and will guess. When people guess, most of the time, they will put more time on the sheet, to show that they were busy, and not wasting time. Some rare people might put less time, to show the company that they are efficient. This guessing of time taken on tasks and project gives an inaccurate description of the amount of time put. It can lead to company’s making decision’s regarding projects based on that information, all being essentially bloated or leaving a project behind deadlines. Thus it is integral to track the time accurately. Online timesheet software is one way to do this. They are useful for many reasons.

Time tracking for employees becomes easy and reliable with this software. It gives a minute by minute capture of the employee’s time spend on projects.

Employee schedule software help keep an employee managed and notifications and reminders help employee’s record time accurately.
Track Time Accurately by Online Timesheet Software
These tools are all aided by a Time Clock, nowadays free time clocks are also available online. These help record time a person spends on projects in a day and gives an accurate description of the total work done in total time period.

The time sheet allows for both automatic time tracking and also makes allowances for manual addition for work done outside office, or work not completed on the desktop.

This software takes screenshots as proof of work, which builds confidence in the client and employer that they are charging for an honest works pay. These screenshots are also time stamped, thus giving completely accurately tracked time.

These online time sheets are easily accessible. They can be available anywhere with just a click of a button.

With online time sheets there is one point of access for employees. Thus the chances of the data and time gathered being accurate are more than any manual paper system.

With the use of the tools, an employer can tell accurately how many hours employees are working on different projects; which projects are at an end, and how many resources are available to work on new projects, to actively manage the time of employees and clients and not end up making false promises based on false data.

With online time sheets and employee schedule software, employees will not have to ask management regarding the number of PTO remaining. All this information will be available to them, accurately calculated to a day, to avoid any ambiguity. With information available online, employees cannot argue with management, due to all information being stores online and time tracker having tracked all attendance and time offs.

Accurate and Flexible Time Tracking Solutions

Time tracking started with employees manually punching in and out. It also involved writing down tasks and time, comparing input and output to evaluate efficiency and effectiveness. The biggest issue with these processes were that they themselves took too long, were cumbersome, difficult to understand, hard to write down exact start and end time of tasks, as most people had forgotten by the end of the day, and one could take time out in the middle of work. With the advent of technology it became even harder to track employees work, because if someone is on the computer, it is thought of that they are working; an extra games tab hidden away becomes unnoticed. The online time tracking tools are easy to use for employees, so they can effectively manage themselves. It eliminates distractions because they are now on a deadline, with the clock ticking in front of them. They are accurate to give specific information to employers and are flexible; can fit any business model and policies. Given below are a few examples of time tracking solutions.

TimewatchR Solutions:

This solution helps streamline the way a company’s time sheet is managed. It can connect automatically to outlook and update new tasks, projects and daily notifications. Time sheet is very easy to use for users on this software because it alters the notification based on user. A user does not see all notifications that the employer sent out, to all employees, but only those that are pertinent to that user.Accurate and Flexible Time Tracking Solutions It makes task acceptance easier and accurate cutting down chances and costs of errors. Read more at


This software has been credit as the most easy and flexible time tracking tool on the market. It cuts down the work a person would have to do to manage the time and does all time management itself. Its inbuilt Time Clock automatically tags work that is done, and the time it has taken to give you an analysis of where your energy needs to be put. It has an easy system of data entry, where it allows you to hashtag all work done.


This is another solution that allows for easy time tracking. This software does this by integrating itself within the business. It allows manual labours to use Time Clock in present time and in case of service being unavailable, all work can be synced up at a later time. This solution integrates all process of a business, from work done, to invoice management and eliminates manual labour done.

Time Doctor:

This is a time tracking solution that is accurate and has a free version available. It allows for moment to moment employee time tracking, time sheet management that gives employees and employers access to time sheet to evaluate time spend on tasks and gives employers ability to send notes on urgency of tasks, easy to use employee schedule software that integrates computer work sessions, sends reminders, allows for screenshot recordings, creates automatic invoices, and helps increase communication with direct system of reporting.