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Why use Timesheet to Track your employees performances?

Time sheet is an employee time tracking tool which records time put into a particular project. Evaluating employee performance is an essential part of an organisation. Employees want to be paid with monetary and non-monetary benefits in response to the hard work and effort they put in their job. How can a company give the employees benefits based on their performance if they have inaccurate records of employee performance. With individual performance reviews there is a likely chance of bias occurring. Employee time tracker software would have the exact amount of work an employee put in corresponding projects and allows for better evaluation of performance and bonus incentives. Timesheets are a valuable resource to track performance for the following reasons.

It allows employee to log in the time they performed on specific tasks. It gives both parties the exact amount of billable hours so that the employee can be paid for the time they spent.Timesheets allow employers to keep track on the tasks and projects the different employees are working on. Why use Timesheet to Track your employees performances?This helps in weeding out low performers who are either taking too long with simple tasks, or those who are not putting in the appropriate time.

It would also help in quickly assessing new hires. Where before it would take weeks and months to evaluate the suitability of a new hire, Timesheets would cut that to a few days; giving you exact work done and would help you in keeping hires who would be able to cope with the pace of your business.

For employers wanting to try out a new software and not willing to pay can use free time sheets, to evaluate their time saving capacity.

They also help to automatically create payrolls at the end of the business time period based on the time spent by each employee, as noted in the timesheet.

Employee tracking software would keep employees active and aware of their time. It would reduce distractions because they would be aware of their time being recorded and their benefits being based around their performance. Click here to read more info about employee tracking software.

Timesheet would give employee means of self-evaluation. They will be able to see how effective they have been in a time period and would try to improve by cutting down on time spent on extra work to focus on the crux of the work. This self-evaluation and analysis can lead to an increase in performance, which would not have been accurately tracked any other way but by using Employee tracking software and timesheets.

Using Time Clock and timesheet each employees work would be recorded. The employer would give the rewards based on performance. Due to each individual having a set tracker, no individual would be able to pass their work to other employees and still expect to get paid for it. No employee would be able to ask another to punch in their attendance because the system would require secure password, not accessible by anyone else.

Track Time Accurately by Online Timesheet Software

People have been tracking time and where it is utilized since the industrial revolution; to maximize efficiency by having more output with little input. The trouble people had then and even now is in tracking time accurately. Most people when asked to fill in a time sheet will not remember the actual time they spend on the specific tasks and will guess. When people guess, most of the time, they will put more time on the sheet, to show that they were busy, and not wasting time. Some rare people might put less time, to show the company that they are efficient. This guessing of time taken on tasks and project gives an inaccurate description of the amount of time put. It can lead to company’s making decision’s regarding projects based on that information, all being essentially bloated or leaving a project behind deadlines. Thus it is integral to track the time accurately. Online timesheet software is one way to do this. They are useful for many reasons.

Time tracking for employees becomes easy and reliable with this software. It gives a minute by minute capture of the employee’s time spend on projects.

Employee schedule software help keep an employee managed and notifications and reminders help employee’s record time accurately.
Track Time Accurately by Online Timesheet Software
These tools are all aided by a Time Clock, nowadays free time clocks are also available online. These help record time a person spends on projects in a day and gives an accurate description of the total work done in total time period.

The time sheet allows for both automatic time tracking and also makes allowances for manual addition for work done outside office, or work not completed on the desktop.

This software takes screenshots as proof of work, which builds confidence in the client and employer that they are charging for an honest works pay. These screenshots are also time stamped, thus giving completely accurately tracked time.

These online time sheets are easily accessible. They can be available anywhere with just a click of a button.

With online time sheets there is one point of access for employees. Thus the chances of the data and time gathered being accurate are more than any manual paper system.

With the use of the tools, an employer can tell accurately how many hours employees are working on different projects; which projects are at an end, and how many resources are available to work on new projects, to actively manage the time of employees and clients and not end up making false promises based on false data.

With online time sheets and employee schedule software, employees will not have to ask management regarding the number of PTO remaining. All this information will be available to them, accurately calculated to a day, to avoid any ambiguity. With information available online, employees cannot argue with management, due to all information being stores online and time tracker having tracked all attendance and time offs.

Accurate and Flexible Time Tracking Solutions

Time tracking started with employees manually punching in and out. It also involved writing down tasks and time, comparing input and output to evaluate efficiency and effectiveness. The biggest issue with these processes were that they themselves took too long, were cumbersome, difficult to understand, hard to write down exact start and end time of tasks, as most people had forgotten by the end of the day, and one could take time out in the middle of work. With the advent of technology it became even harder to track employees work, because if someone is on the computer, it is thought of that they are working; an extra games tab hidden away becomes unnoticed. The online time tracking tools are easy to use for employees, so they can effectively manage themselves. It eliminates distractions because they are now on a deadline, with the clock ticking in front of them. They are accurate to give specific information to employers and are flexible; can fit any business model and policies. Given below are a few examples of time tracking solutions.

TimewatchR Solutions:

This solution helps streamline the way a company’s time sheet is managed. It can connect automatically to outlook and update new tasks, projects and daily notifications. Time sheet is very easy to use for users on this software because it alters the notification based on user. A user does not see all notifications that the employer sent out, to all employees, but only those that are pertinent to that user.Accurate and Flexible Time Tracking Solutions It makes task acceptance easier and accurate cutting down chances and costs of errors. Read more at


This software has been credit as the most easy and flexible time tracking tool on the market. It cuts down the work a person would have to do to manage the time and does all time management itself. Its inbuilt Time Clock automatically tags work that is done, and the time it has taken to give you an analysis of where your energy needs to be put. It has an easy system of data entry, where it allows you to hashtag all work done.


This is another solution that allows for easy time tracking. This software does this by integrating itself within the business. It allows manual labours to use Time Clock in present time and in case of service being unavailable, all work can be synced up at a later time. This solution integrates all process of a business, from work done, to invoice management and eliminates manual labour done.

Time Doctor:

This is a time tracking solution that is accurate and has a free version available. It allows for moment to moment employee time tracking, time sheet management that gives employees and employers access to time sheet to evaluate time spend on tasks and gives employers ability to send notes on urgency of tasks, easy to use employee schedule software that integrates computer work sessions, sends reminders, allows for screenshot recordings, creates automatic invoices, and helps increase communication with direct system of reporting.